Mother thrashes daughter on Facebook Live for posting provocative photos

  Shanavia Miller and Nia Green - Sakshi Post

New York: In an apparent misuse of technology, a 16-year-old girl in Georgia was thrashed by her mother on Facebook Live for posting provocative photos, the media reported.

In the five-minute live stream, Shanavia Miller, the teenager’s mother was seen berating Nia Green while throwing a flurry of fists at her face and torso.

The mother had been furious about Green posting provocative photos on her Facebook page, calling her daughter “nasty as hell”, reported on Tuesday.

Shanavia Miller with Nia Green

Taking over her daughter’s Facebook page, Miller yelled into the camera: “I need you to make this viral, please, share this. Because I am not done.”

At one point, the camera person stayed away from the beating, but the mother beckoned at the person to follow the attack.

Green could be seen whimpering, crying and cowering in fear from her mother’s volley of punches.

When Green let her guard down and began to stop crying, Miller smashed her fist into her teenager daughter’s face again.

The mother then grabbed the camera, turned it on herself, and fixed her hair while her daughter was sobbing, telling Green the embarrassing clip would go viral.

Shanavia Miller berating Nia Green

“You got me looking bad like I ain’t no good mother. I do my best. I do my best!” Miller screamed.

The video has since been removed from Facebook, but was saved and uploaded onto YouTube.

Savannah police have not charged the mother, after Green told investigators she felt safe at the home.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Green wrote that she shouldn’t have embarrassed her mother and loves her.


“I embarrassed my moma (sic) so she embarrassed me,” Green wrote, but said she was not defending the video.


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