More skeletons tumble out of anchor Harsha's cupboard

More skeletons tumble out of anchor Harsha's cupboard - Sakshi Post

His manacing looks, piercing eyes and stuccatto voice gave a new look to crime news presentation. His advice not to fall into the trap of criminals was eagerly lapped up. But, it now turns out that this crime anchor wasn't an angel of righteousness and a paragon of virtues. 

Meet Harshavardhan, who carved a niche for himself in crime news presentation. This man is now behind the bars for trying to extort huge unimaginably high amounts from a dental college management. He demanded Rs 5 crore in return for not airing footage that showed the management in not so good light. 

However, St Joseph Dental College, did not buckle to his intimidation and sought police help. After his arrest, more and more of his victims are now opening up.
Now an engineer in Railway department, identified as N Harinath Babu, approached the police.
He claimed that Harshavardhan, Nallajarla-based TV channel manager Luke Babu, reporter for Helapuri daily Boda Vijayakumar and D Vijayaratnam had morphed his photo showing him in compromising pose with a woman and demanded Rs 13 lakh from him. He alleged that though he paid the amount, the photos were not given to him.
The police have now registered another case against the quartet. Meanwhile, searches are on in the respective homes of the accused.


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