Moral police play spoilsport on V-Day

Moral police play spoilsport on V-Day - Sakshi Post

  For all those smitten souls, this was meant to be a day of roses and gifts. However, outfits like Bajrang Dal decided to play spoilsports dashing the hopes of many couples who had made elaborate plans to impress their loved ones.

Most youngsters look forward to this one day of the year to express their love to their partner. The concept may seem westernised or perhaps the concept is yet to take off in a big way in India. However, there should be no rules for celebrations right? It's just fun and an excuse to be with your loved one.
From the last couple of years, Hindu radicals have openly voiced their disapproval of Valentines Day. A Shiv Sena activist also went on record calling this a 'foreign influence'.
The question is do we need such intervention? Why should external forces be allowed to play moral police? Today's generation is a matured lot, well aware of consequences. And none can keep a check on all the people, all the time. Saffron brigade is always after youngsters. Be it the unforgettable episode Mangalore pub or the one that happened right here in Hyderabad today, Bajrang Dal forcing people to marry or tie rakhi. What world are we living in? Don't people have the right to choose their partners and live the way they like?
Love-struck couples are harassed by these so called 'protective forces' who claim to be preserving Indian culture. But are they really doing so? Beating up couples and forcing young very-much-in-love couples to turn siblings is our culture? Why double standards? Let's be very clear. If the moral brigade is genuinely interested in protecting Indian culture then they must first get a better understanding of the same. The saffron brigade is only spoiling the reputation of the country through such activities.We live in a free society, where every person has a right to live life his/her own way. Why disturb a happy occasion?
Every Valentines Day, there's at least one disturbing piece of news. It's high time we get a law in place to keep a check on such hooligans who are out to destroy peace in the society by creating unnecessary problems, spoiling the love-ly atmosphere around.

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