Mopidevi's brother's tearful account of Congress injustice

Mopidevi's brother's tearful account of Congress injustice - Sakshi Post

Former minister Mopidevi Venkata Ramana's family members joined YSRCP at the party office in Hyderabad on Friday.  Mopidevi's brother Harinath Babu and his son Rajiv joined the party in the presence of the party's honorary president, YS Vijayamma.

Mopidev's brother got emotional and shed tears as he recounted the injustice meted out to his brother. He said that despite serving the Congress for more than 25 years, the party failed to take care when they were in trouble.

"Union Minister of State Panabaka Lakshmi asked my brother to turn covert. Health Minister Kondru Murali did not care when we begged him for medical help. I also held Kiran Kumar Reddy's feet seeking medical help for my brother," Harinath said.

He asked how fair was it to move back to jail a seriously ill person after merely checking his BP pulse. They did not care to get my brother admitted to a decent hospital when he was in serious condition, he alleged. He also questioned the partial treatment to Dharmana and Sabita and asked why was there different rules for different people.

"Our family belongs to fish community. My father was loyal to Congress. My brother was elected to Mandal president in 1987.  He was elected to Assembly for the first time from Kuchinapudi constituency in 1989," he said.

He served as an MLA from Kuchinapudi till 2009. He was elected for the fifth time in 2009. My brother was responsible for bringing visibility to the Congress party which was in trouble in Repalle. But this Congress government made him a scapegoat with the help of CBI. Unable to face Jagan Mohan Reddy, they made my brother a scapegoat and got Jagan arrested, alleged Harinath.

Harinath warned Congress government saying they won't keep quite if anything happened to Mopidevi. Kiran Kumar Reddy has shown discrimination towards the BC leader, he added.

Talking to Sakshipost, several members alleged that their leader Mopidevi had been illegally arrested and detained. The government failed to give legal assistance to Mopidevi, they added. They also explained how Congress party targeted Jagan.

During the YSR rule, never once had Jagan called my brother, nor did they meet, he added. 

Scores of leaders in 100 vehicles descended on Hyderabad to join YSRCP.  EX MPs Prasadam Vasudeva, Chintala Srikrishnayya, Garikapati Balakoti, Former ZPTC Yarlagadda Bhagyalakshmi, Sudhachandrhash Rao Ganga Parvathi, and PACs president Maraka Srinivas Rao and 50 ex-sarpanchs joined Jagan's cadre on Friday.

The new members vowed to work towards strengthening YSRCP under the guidance of Jagan.

Welcoming them into YSRCP, party honorary president, YS Vijayamma said that there were no cases against Jagan as long as he was in Congress (for 15 months). Jagan embarked upon his Odarpu Yatra to keep up his promise made at Nallakaluva.

Unable to withstand the influence of Jagan and his image in public, TDP and Congress went to court. They went to court saying 26 GOs weren't proper. The court issued notice to the government giving 8 months time to file a counter petition. If they had filed a counter petition, there would have been no cases against Jagan, Mopidevi. But the ministers told Supreme court all the GOs had been issued according to business rules. Kiran Kumar Reddy too told the Assembly that no minister had erred. Then where has the case come from? she asked.

It was a political motive to damage the image of YSR and torment Jagan, she added. When asked to probe against Naidu's illegal activities, the CBI cites lack of staff. But when it comes to Jagan, they have all the people in the world to level false allegations, said Vijayamma.

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