Mom Throws Baby Boy Down The Stairs In A Fit Of Insane Rage

CCTV Camera grab of woman throwing her baby down - Sakshi Post

In a shocking incident, a woman threw her two-year-old son down the stairs after a dispute with her in-laws over property. The woman, Sonu Gupta (26), in a fit of rage, lost sense, violently shook awake her two-year-old baby boy and plunged him down stairs, causing serious face and head injuries to the boy.

The incident occurred in New Delhi on January 21 and has come to light after her husband Nithin Gupta lodged a compalint with the police. The police booked an attempt to murder case against her.

Anshu, the baby boy, is now being treated in a hospital. The shocking footage of the boy being thrown, have gone viral on the social media.

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