Modi on top 10 criminals list !

Modi on top 10 criminals list ! - Sakshi Post

Google came under severe criticism from Twitterati on Wednesday following the search results threw up the name of Indian Prime Minister Narandra Modi as one of Top 10 criminals.


The shocking results showed India's Prime Minister, who has been credited as the face of New India, as a criminal along with Osama Bin Laden, Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed, Sanjay Dutt, American serial killer Ariel Castro among others..

Former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh tweeted about the finding "I am not a great admirer of Modi but to find his name and photo among top 10 criminals in India on Google Search is shocking! "

He added "As an Indian to find my PM's name in the top 10 criminals list is a matter of National Shame. I hang my head in utter shame."



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