Modi leaves Chandrababu red faced?

Modi leaves Chandrababu red faced? - Sakshi Post

TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu cut a very sorry figure on Tuesday, during Narendra Mod's rally in the city.  Wanting to capitalise on the Modi wave and share the dais with the BJP prime ministerial candidate, proved costly for Chandrababu, as the plan clearly backfired.  

When on dais, Chandrababu praised Modi, but the latter, and star campaigner Pawan Kalyan did not repay the favour. Instead, Modi focused on attacking the Congress.  

Naidu was seen sitting next to Pawan and Modi, but the latter chose to speak to the star than discuss poll alliance with TDP chief.  

Adding to Chandrababu's insults, Modi praised Pawan and said that the actor was the best representative of the Telugu people and their self respect, leaving Chandrababu extremely embarrassed.  

Interestingly, even Pawan seems to have taken Chandrababu lightly. In his speech, he chose to praise Modi, but kept mum on Chandrababu.  

Reportedly, Chandrababu managed to find himself on the dais only after exerting immense pressure on BJP leaders.  

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BJP still hopeful of tying up with KCR?

However, it was Pawan who launched a scathing attack on TRS and their style of family politics. Modi, on the other hand, chose to channelise his energies into accusing his arch enemy, the Congress. Instead he just said do not give Telangana to only one family.   

Many feel that Modi did not launch a tirade against KCR, as BJP might need TRS's help in centre in the future. 

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