Modi frustrated over poor response at rally: AAP

Modi frustrated over poor response at rally: AAP - Sakshi Post

The AAP on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was apparently frustrated over the poor response to the BJP rally at Rohini.

"The prime minister, who has all the central investigative agencies at his command, emulated his cabinet colleagues in launching a malicious and false campaign against the Aam Aadmi Party, in a desperate bid to divert attention from the imminent defeat in the Delhi assembly elections," an AAP statement said. It said Modi, apparently frustrated at the poor response to the Bharatiya Janata Party rally at north Delhi's Rohini, behaved like a dejected opposition staring at defeat in the Feb 7 polls.
"Modi should not dilly-dally on the funding of any political party and the party (AAP) demands that the prime minister should unleash all the central agencies to probe the funding of AAP in particular," the statement said. Earlier on Tuesday, addressing his second last rally in the capital ahead of the polls, Modi hit out at the AAP over the alleged malpractice in donations received by the party and said it has betrayed the nation with its actions.

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