Modi faces flak on Twitter for his #Despitebeingwomen remark

Modi faces flak on Twitter for his #Despitebeingwomen remark - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced flak on social media website Twitter for his remark that his Bangladesh counter part Sheikh Hasina has resolved to fight terrorism with zero tolerance "despite being a woman."

While delivering a lecture at Dhaka University in Bangladesh on Sunday, Modi said that despite being a woman the Bangladesh Prime Minister has vowed that her government will have zero tolerance against terrorism. Modi congratulated her for her approach.

Micro-blogging site Twitter was abuzz with tweets calling Modi's comment 'sexist'.
 In response to the remark, Twitterati have also posted pictures of women who have achieved remarkable heights in their fields.

Congress party's spokesperson Sanjay Jha had tweeted: "At core, RSS/BJP are misogynistic, bigoted, chauvinistic and sexist. Narendra Modi is just another manifestation of it. #DespiteBeingAWoman."

Bollywood actor Twinkle Khanna responded with humour that,"Hahaha-No #DespiteBeingAWoman for us-secretly we are all men-just carefully shave our moustaches off every morning"

"#DespiteBeingAWoman in Islamic nation, Sheikh Hasina *is* PM & has courage & conviction to stand up against terrorism. Why the negativity?!," said another tweet.

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