Modi becoming dictator: Cong after Home Secy removal

Modi becoming dictator: Cong after Home Secy removal - Sakshi Post

Congress accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of becoming a dictator and warned of beginning of a calamity after Home Secretary Anil Goswami was asked to step down by the government.

Congress spokesperson P C Chacko said sacking of senior officials has also led to the bureaucracy getting restless. This is not the first instance which shows that our Prime Minister is becoming a dictator. The interesting thing is that the series of sacking of senior people is something which is the beginning of a very big calamity. The bureaucracy is also getting restless... we have a lot of reports, he said.

Chacko said after the resignation of the Censor Board chief and other members, the government had no response to offer and instead was making lame excuses. They are all very respectable persons and have nothing to do with any political party... They resigned for not getting the permission to work freely... The work atmosphere and their freedom of functioning are not there. Because of that they resigned.

There was no response from the government side, he said. Home Secretary Anil Goswami tonight resigned after the government asked him to put in his papers in the wake of controversy over his alleged attempt to stall the arrest of Saradha scam accused Matang Sinh, a former Congress minister at the centre.

The government appointed Rural Development Secretary L C Goyal as the new Home Secretary

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