MLC elections: TRS prefers new comers

MLC elections: TRS prefers new comers - Sakshi Post

The TRS leadership, it appears, is banking on new entrants into the party. For the 12 local body constituency MLC seats, it gave only four seats to those who were with the party from the beginning. The other eight went to defectors. This has become a hot topic for discussion among the TRS cadre.

The cadre feels that tickets have been given to those who defected either from the Congress or the TDP. The TRS has decided to reward those TDP and Congress MLCs who helped it in the election of the council chairperson. TRS could grab the post only with some help from these MLCs. Five sitting MLCs have been rewarded this way.
Tera Chinnapa Reddy, who came from the TDP and former Congress leader Kasireddy Narayana Reddy have been chosen for their money power. Konda Murali, who came from the Congress, was promised an MLC seat at the time of joining.
Several oldtimers like Nalgonda TRS president Banda Narender Reddy, Warangal district chief Takkellapalli Ravinder Rao, Rajaiah Yadav and Jaipal Yadav couldn't manage to get the MLC tickets.

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