MLA Roja slams Chandrababu over Amaravati land scam

MLA Roja slams Chandrababu over Amaravati land scam - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party MLA Roja on Thursday slammed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu after the irregularities in Capital city land pooling have been brought to light by ‘Sakshi’ Telugu daily on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference at party’s headquarters in Hyderabad, Roja demanded TDP chief to break his silence on the irregularities in land acquisition in Capital Amaravati.

She said, “YSRCP has been vocal about the irregularities taken place in land acquisition for capital city Amaravati and now it has proved to be true. The TDP Government has been denying any wrongdoing. This is the biggest land scam right after the state bifurcation. Now, it is time for Chandrababu to speak out on this issue.’’

Roja questioned why the current residence of Chandrababu Naidu is not in the limits of Capital City Region Development Authority (CRDA) and why its alignment was altered at the land sites owned by his brother-in-law and MLA Nadamuri Balakrishna. Stating that handing over the responsibilities of building the Capital City to Ministers Narayana and Pullarao was completely scandalous, the YSRCP MLA said that the land pooling for capital was rushed without getting permission from the Ministry of Revenue, she added.

The YSRCP leader said the ruling TDP had been leveling allegations against YSRCP chief but why don’t they conduct an investigation on YS Jagan’s alleged possession of 5 lakh acres of land. She also demanded why they do not constitute a committee comprising a sitting judge on the issue. What is the reason behind TDP suddenly blocking IGRS website? It is because they fear more skeletons would tumble out of closets, Roja asked. What is need for Chandrababu to touch the feet of former minister P Chidambaram clandestinely? How a farmer with two acres of land could become a business tycoon owning a huge retail chain Heritage and other properties costing crores. How Chandrababu’s mother ‘Ammannamma’ could afford to buy a piece of land worth several crores in Jubulee Hills area in Hyderabad to gift to her grandson Lokesh?, Roja asked.

The actor turned politician also ridiculed Chandrababu, who often boasts of not wearing a wristwatch, had managed to grab crores and crores of worth lands from farmers in the guise of building Capital city. Roja also demanded an explanation from the AP chief minister for taking hasty decision by constituting a committee with Minister Narayana even before the submission of report of Shivramakrishnan Committee. Why the land acquired by his binamies did not come under the land pooling norms? The TDP Government took the farmers for a ride by grabbing their lands as per a pre-meditated political conspiracy in the name of CRDA limits, the YSRCP MLA lambasted.

The AP Legislator alleged that a huge scandal has taken place in the form of quid pro quo by two persons from TDP. How come the brother-in-law of Minister Narayana, who did not even give a single rupee for capital city, managed to get 29 acres of land, she questioned.
She also accused Minister Pattipati Pullarao and Speaker Kodela Shivaprasad of having a hand in the alleged scam. Pattipati Pullarao had accumulated Rs.600 crores illegally by cheating poor cotton farmers and changing the registration of his company Agrigold on his wife’s name, Roja alleged.

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