MLA Busy With Daily Chores, Her Hubby Rules The Roost

Pilli Sattibabu getting down from the car and the security guard holding an umbrella - Sakshi Post

Kakinada: A car, with a sticker claiming to be that of the Kakinada MLA, screeches to halt at the TDP office. Everyone out there thinks that MLA Pilli Ananta Lakshmi has come to visit the party office. But, lo and behold, her husband Pilli Sattibabu gets down. As he swaggers towards the party office, the security guard, who should normally have accompanied the MLA, holds an umbrella to the MLA's husband and runs behind him.

This incident on Friday morning shows who is the boss in Kakinada constituency. The MLA is confined to her home and is busy with daily chores, while her husband swaggers like a de facto MLA, enjoying the pelf and power that normally an MLA should have.

There is a talk in the constituency that Sattibabu is fixing deals and settling disputes in his capacity as the MLA's husband. Except for official outings, MLA Anantalakshmi stays at home.

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