MJ's iconic white glove to be auctioned for $20,000

MJ's iconic white glove to be auctioned for $20,000 - Sakshi Post

Los Angeles: Late King of Pop Michael Jackson's rare white sequined glove has been put on auction for $20,000.

Auction house Nate D Sanders will be holding an auction for the memorabilia on Thursday and it will also include a prototype of the black leather jacket Jackson wore on the cover of his album "Bad", reports theguardian.com.

The glove is cheaper than other Jackson gloves which have been auctioned earlier, as his "Moonwalk" glove had roped in $350,000 in 2009, six months after his death at the age of 50.

Meanwhile, another auction in June 2010 sold a glove for $160,000.

Jackson had given the right-handed glove to his artist friend Paul Bedard, whom the musician commissioned to create over a dozen paintings for Jackson's home and Neverland ranch.

The person who bags the glove will also receive a photograph of Bedard wearing the glove, images of the art he created for Jackson, and a typed declaration signed by Bedard that attests to the glove's authenticity.  


source: IANS

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