Minister Harish Rao dines at roadside hotel

Minister Harish Rao dines at roadside hotel - Sakshi Post

Narayankhed: Telangana Minister for Irrigation, Marketing & Legislative Affairs T. Harish Rao had created a buzz at a roadside hotel by dining there with his colleague Deputy Speaker Padma Devendar Reddy in Narayanakhed on Wednesday.

Harish Rao , a minister holding a few top portfolios, had his luncheon at a normal roadside hotel along with his party’s activists and followers. The Minister's meal included very simple servings with Pulihora, Khara and Pongul that were available at the hotel, that were also served to his followers and party leaders. He spent his lunch-break talking to everyone around there in a cordial mood.

Deputy speaker Padma Devendar Reddy also accompanied Harish Rao and partook the simple meal.

Harish Rao has taken up the responsibility and been engaged in vigorous campaign for TRS candidate M.Bhupal Reddy to emerge victorious in Narayan Khed Assembly constituency by-elections . The polling will take place on February 13 and counting on 16 of the same month.

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