CM is a separatist: Minister Dokka Varaprasada Rao

CM is a separatist: Minister Dokka Varaprasada Rao - Sakshi Post

Minister for Rural Development Dokka Manikya Varaprasada Rao on Tuesday, came down heavily on Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.  

“Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy will resign from the post and keep himself away from politics. He will re-enter politics later as the General Secretary of AICC”, commented Dokka.

Dokka also said that Kiran is a true separatist but acting as a person working for the united Andhra Pradesh.

“If the CM had resigned the day CWC took the decision on Telangana, a constitutional crisis would have arisen. Then the process of bifurcation of the state would not have happened. But, he did not resign then only to facilitate the formation of Telangana”, said Dokka.

The minister also said that Kiran had acted as per the directions of AICC President Sonia Gandhi.

“Other Seemandhra leaders have fallen in the trap of Kiran Kumar Reddy”, said the minister.

“In 2012, Congress high command had decided to give separate package to Telangana by keeping the state united. Then, it made it clear to the chief minister that he had to lose his post to give it to a leader from Telangana. Then, Kiran had send about 25 Telangana leaders to Delhi to inform their high command that he wanted the Telangana state only. He did so just to retain his post. This clearly shows how power hungry Kiran was”,said Dokka.

“Some leaders have detected these kind of tactics of Kiran. But, the people were not in a position to understand all these. Kiran used the ‘United AP’ sentiment just to gain some political mileage”, said Dokka.


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