Minister apes Chandrababu in spending spree

Minister apes Chandrababu in spending spree - Sakshi Post

Like leader, like followers. When chief minister of cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu, spends Rs 10 crore to refurbish his chambers in secretariat, can his followers be far behind?

Now, a minister of Chandrababu's cabinet has simply wasted lakhs worth of public money for the sake of correcting the Vaastu. 

Chandrababu is spending Rs 10 crore to provide for dining hall, visitors hall, conference hall, video conference hall, cabinet meet hall, offices and modern furniture for Chief Ministers Office, Chief Secretary's office in 7th floor and others for his temporary office. 

His minister Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao reportedly ordered the demolition of a huge building in Vijayawada's irrigation office. The reason? Vaastu of course.

Recently, the government has spent Rs 10 lakhs for the adornment of second floor in the same building. To meet the principles of vaastu, the same building was razed unnecessarily. 

Despite the fund crunch, power outages, drought like conditions and a doomed farming season, the TDP 

leaders are leaving no stone untruned to get the luxurious buildings refurbished and waste public money on Vaastu corrections. (When Revanth Reddy let the cat out of the bag about Chandrababu's 'lies')


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