Mind-Boggling Math: In Five Months, Assets Of Nara Lokesh Grew 23 Times

Mind boggling math - Sakshi Post

Can anyone's assets grow by a eye-popping 23 times in just five months? Nara Lokesh Babu's assets do grow so exponentially and in such a ziff.

The affidavit of Nara Lokesh shows that the total value of his asets is Rs 330 crore, including Rs 273.84 crore in the form of shares in Heritage Foods, fixed assets worth Rs 18 crore and ancestral property worth Rs 38.52 crore.

But, on October 19, 2016, he declared his assets to the public. The total value of the property then was a mere Rs 14.50 crore, including Rs 2.52 crore in the form of Heritage shares, Rs 1.64 crore worth shares in other companies and a car worth Rs 93 lakh. This means his assets grew from Rs 14.50 crore to Rs 330 crore in a matter of just five months.

Quite interestingly, post the sale of Heritage Foods' retail business to Future Retail Ltd in November 2016, the Heritage now owns just 3.65 per cent stakes worth Rs 295 crore. Despite this, Lokesh Babu's share value has bafflingly gone up from Rs 2.52 crore to 273.84 crore.

Even his wife Brahmani's assets grew from Rs 5.38 crore to Rs 28 crore, nearly four fold increase.

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