Millions of Jagan's fans disappointed: Jupudi

Millions of Jagan's fans disappointed: Jupudi - Sakshi Post

An atmosphere of gloom set in at the YS Congress party as well as at the premises of the Supreme Court after the court dismissed YSRCP president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's bail petition.

Among scores of Jagan's supporters who had gone to Delhi with the hope of a positive verdict was also YSRCP MLC Jupudi Prabhakar Rao.
Speaking to reporters after the court pronounced its judgment, a heartbroken Jupudi expressed shock and disappointment at the court's verdict.
He said, "We do bow down to the Apex Court's decision. However, the verdict has dashed the hopes of millions of Jagan's fans. I am speechless. Jagan's supporters just can't digest the fact that his bail has been dismissed again!"
He also reasoned that there's no guarantee to the CBI claims that they would complete the probe within four months. Jupudi said, "The CBI took an year and a half for enquiry before arresting Jagan. Now, the court has set September 9 as deadline to finish the investigation. However, you never know how much more time they require. There's a likelihood that they will seek more time."
"One must not forget that these are mere allegations against Jagan, none of which has been proved. I don't understand the way CBI is functioning. It is definitely not behaving as an independent organisation," he added.
It may be recalled that TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had written a letter to the Centre just a day before the bail was to be granted to Jagan last time the petition was filed. This had led to the court dismissing Jagan's bail plea. This time too was no different. It is learnt that the TDP chief was very much in Delhi over the last few days conspiring to ensure that bail was denied to Jagan.
Hitting out at TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu cheap tactics, Jupudi said, "Naidu was in Delhi for the last two days conducting closed door meetings. I am sure he's scared that if Jagan comes out, there will be no place for him in AP politics."
"All the parties are working against Jagan's bail as they are insecured," Jupudi signed off.





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