Metro issue drives wedge between Errabelli, Revanth

Metro issue drives wedge between Errabelli, Revanth - Sakshi Post

* Revanth attacks Errabelli's pal in Metro Rail case

Reported meeting between TDP Telangana senior leader Errabelli Dayakar Rao and Telangana CM KCR has spurred reports in political circles. Stories are doing rounds that Errabeli is likely to latch on to the TRS bandwagon.

It appears TDP's bid to corner TRS government on Metro Rail project back-fired at the party and it is finding itself at the wrong end of the stick. It is a known fact that Revanth Reddy has been leveling several allegations against KCR saying that the TRS government had taken over 32 acres of land allotted to L&T in Gachibowli. He also accused KCR of favouring industrialist Rameswara Rao and forcing L&T to change the alignment of Metro rail in Gachchibowli area. It is said that Rameswara rao is a close friend of Errabelli Dayakar Rao too. Reventh's attacks have put Errabelli to much discomfiture.

According to a Telugu daily, piqued by Revanth Reddy's comments, Errabelli knocked the doors of KCR late in the night and held a secret meeting. Several issues reportedly came up for discussion. Their meeting lasted for more than two hours and discussion mainly centered on Revanth Reddy's allegations. Errabelli's meeting with KCR sparked off rumours that he would soon desert TDP for TRS.
Several leaders in the TRS confirmed Errabelli's meeting and they even said that he has been in touch with several key leaders in the TRS.
As fortunes of the Telugu Desam Party in Telangana have hit a roadblock, exodus from the party has began and Errabelli also may follow the suit. Errabelli, however, condemned the rumors saying the photo shown in a newspaper was not his and that he was at some other place at that time.


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