Meet the new Gaddar of AP, MP Siva Prasad

Meet the new Gaddar of AP, MP Siva Prasad - Sakshi Post

Telugu Desam Party MP Siva Prasad continued displaying his love for charades when he arrived outside the Parliament on Wednesday, emulating Telangana revolutionary, Gaddar.

Dressed in his new avatar as a balladeer, the MP stood near B R Ambedkar's statue near the parliament and started his tirade against state bifurcation. 

He also took this opportunity to sing the famous revolutionary song,  'Dora endiro'. Giving the song a new twist, he said that Sonia Gandhi was dividing the state like a dictator,  without the consensus of the people.

This is not the first time, the MP has resorted to such means to make his point. Previously he dressed up as 'Narada Muni', Santa Claus, and Sri Krishna.


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