Mayawati’s Brother Anand Kumar’s Assets Grew By 18000 Times in Just 7 Years

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Mayawati’s Brother’s assets

* Anand Kumar owns 12 big companies.

* The current networth of these companies is Rs 1316 crore.

* Cash in bank accounts is Rs 440 crore

* Fixed assets, land assets worth Rs 870 crore.

In a major setback to Bahujan Samaj Party on election eve, the IT sleuths are now probing into how BSP chief Mayawati's brother Anand Kumar could amass Rs 1,300 crore of wealth.

According to a TV channel report, Anand Kumar wealth grew by 18000 times within a span of just seven years. From Rs 7.1 crore in 2007, the wealth grew to Rs 1300 crore by 2014.

The report said Anand Kumar's companies - Factor Technologies, Hotel Library, Sachi Properties, Dia Realtors and Isha Properties - saw massive growth while Mayawati was UP's chief minister. Anand's firms received investments from ghost clients and shel companies.

Here is the financial growth of some of the companies owned by Anand Kumar:

Facor Technologies grew from Rs 0.56 cr in 2007 to Rs 55.8 cr in 2014

Hotel Library Club grew from Rs 0.93 cr in 2007 Rs 214.4 cr in 2014

Sachi Properties grew from Rs 2.92 cr to Rs 104.34 cr in 2014

Dia Realtors grew from Rs 0.21 cr in 2007 Rs 95.25 cr in 2014

Isha Properties grew from Rs 2.75 cr in 2007 to Rs 66.68 cr in 2014

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