Married Girl, Paramour Thrashed By Families After They Elope And Return Home 

Lavanya being beaten up by Swami’s (right) family members - Sakshi Post

Warangal: A married girl and her lover were beaten up by the man's family members injuring both seriously in Warangal on Sunday.

Lavanya(25) got married to a man a few months back, but she maintained her relationship with a boy even after marriage. She finally eloped with the boy, Swami(22), a fortnight ago. They lived somewhere for two weeks and came back to town. Swami took the girl to his house with a plan to keep her with him.

Infuriated parents of Swami along with others thrashed both the boy and the girl severely injuring both. Police intervened and admitted them to a hospital. The girl refused to go to her husband and said she wanted to be with her lover Swami. She requested the police to provide security to her.

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