Marriage Market Paints Gloomy Picture For Techies After Layoff Spree 

Representational image - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: As layoff spree continues to haunt software professionals in the IT sector, marriage market suggests that the IT engineers are no longer "sought after" grooms in the matrimonial websites and traditional marriage bureaus.

Factors like automation and protectionism agenda of American President Donald Trump have been showing impact on the IT sector resulting in job cuts. So far, thousands of techies — middle and senior-level — were either given pink slips or placed in various other technologies due to automation.

Subsequently, there is a picture of uncertainty prevailing among the the people. As a result of this, marriage prospects of techies appear to be gloomy.

For example, a recent advertisement placed by parents of Tamil bride in a matrimonial site sought: "IAS, IPS, doctors, businessman. Software engineers kindly do not call."

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