2,000 Orders Per Day For Bawarchi Through Zomato: Annual Report     

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Biryani has always been an India’s favorite main course. You get everything in just one package, the rice, the masalas, the meat, they all come together to form one lip smacking dish. Biryani has evolved over the years in many places, and now there are many states in India boasting of an indigenous biryani from their state, for eg. Kerala biryani (Malabar biryani), Luknow biryani, Kolkata biryani and obviously what we in Hyderabad call the best dish that could happen to humanity, ‘The Hyderabadi Biryani.’

Gone are the days when one had to wait outside a restaurant to pick up their share of biryani, thanks to food delivery giants like Swiggy and Zomato. They have taken the breakfast in bed concept and made it a full day thing. Hyderabadi’s find the best resort for a quick meal in biryani. And food delivery execs are found crowding outside the many biryani joints in the city. Recently Zomoto had put up a picture of a serpentine queue outside Hyderabad’s famous Bawarchi. Apparently Bawarchi gets over 2,000 orders of biryani per day. “I don’t doubt that, if I stayed anywhere close to Bawarchi they would have had 2,001 customers as against the daily 2,000,” said Augustin Kurian, who calls himself a true Hyderabadi and biryani lover.

Enough of Hyderabad talk, Madhurai is said to craving briyani at most times because biryani Happens to be the most searched dish in the place. This was a finding in Zomoto’s annual report.

The findings have given us a few insights into how tier 2 and 3 towns are bringing in major business for the food delivery major.

“We used to think that food delivery will only be a niche for Tier 1 cities in India. But then, we decided to test a small town with a mere 150k people. It was mind boggling to see the latent potential of that town; and that taught us that small towns in India hold humungous potential, and now, we have set our eyes on launching in 1,000 cities in India,” the annual report states.

Coming to transactions through Zomato, While Ooty registers the highest average transaction value, someone from Lucknow had made an order worth Rs 16,800. Manipal has the highest delivery frequency while Tuni, a small town in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is the smallest emerging city and most cashless. Vijayawada orders the most breakfast while Indore is said to have the maximum number of Midnight orders.

1.4 million Restaurants in over 10,000 cities, is quite the number for Zomoto to boast of. They claim to be the Market leaders in the food delivery business among 19 out of the 24 countries they are established.

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