Manchu Lakshmi’s Gig On Motherhood Has The Town Talking

Manchu Lakshmi - Sakshi Post

Lakshmi Manchu’s latest gig - The Decision, written and directed by Srinu Pandranki, is the new talk of the town. The 21-minute short film, which was released in time for mothers’ day, is the story of a woman who has to make the choice of whether or not to give birth to her baby. This real–life inspired story appealed to Lakshmi’s motherly instincts instantly.

“As a mother I really connected to the plot because it emotionally touched a chord in me and I hope every parent who watches the movie gets something out of it,” she said.

The film narrates the story of an American Indian couple that finally conceives a baby only to find out that the baby has Down Syndrome. The film revolves around the mother’s emotional conflict and decision making. The story focuses on social issues like pro-life, pro-choice, problems faced by people with disabilities and female empowerment.

“Doing such a film is challenging for an artist as it is a role with multiple shades and gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent,” said Lakshmi.

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