Man who stabbed co-passenger produced before media

Man who stabbed co-passenger produced before media - Sakshi Post

Dhulipudi Srinivas alias psycho Srinu, who killed three people and had given a nightmares to people doing night travel, was caught by Nellore police recently and produced before media on Sunday.

As per the report, Srinu was working as a medical representative in several places. Srinivas described these killings of innocents as acts of vengeance against the deceased co-passenger. He had a clash with the co-passenger and in a fit of rage, killed the other passengers too. He revealed that he divorced from his wife and had an illicit relationship with two other women. On the day of the incident, Srinu was wearing two shirts so he could change to another soon after killing the passengers.
It is learnt that  last month, a passenger travelling in a RTC bus plying between Bhadrachalam to Chennai, attacked his co-passengers for no apparent reason. Three persons died on the spot and severely injuring another.
Srinivas Rao, a jilted lover, was jailed on charges of allegedly teasing a girl in the year 2010 by Manubolu police in Nellore district. Later, he came out on bail and decided to take revenge on the Manubolu police station sub-inspector who had probed the eve-teasing case. The accused learnt two months ago that the sub-inspector who investigated his case worked at the Tada police station in Nellore district. He even sent a SMS to the sub-inspector on June 16 stating that I won't leave you, the SP said.


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