Man traps 600 VIPs using fake Facebook account

Man traps 600 VIPs using fake Facebook account - Sakshi Post

A man, resident of  Ambaripeta, Kathalapur Mandal of Karimnagar district, trapped approximately 600 high profile people using a fake Facebook account,sitting in Dubai.

According to reports, the accused Tirupathi, 32, created a fake profile, using a girl's name. The police are trying to bring him back to Korutla. They are also investigating the number of fake profiles he opened and how many were trapped by him. 

As per reports he invited about 601 members, most of them high profile people,  to chat on Facebook. About 72 people would regularly correspond with them on Facebook chat, police said after the investigation.

He would incite them using sensual videos, photos and messages. Later, he start blackmailing, asking them to deposit money in his account. Victims, out of shame, refused to lodge a police complaint. 

Finally the police got involved after a victim complained. They are trying their best to get the accused to Andhra from Dubai. The police is also trying to bring him back by contacting his relatives, and friends. When contacted, Tirpuathi, initially promised to get back to India, but ran away.

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