Man Repays Expenses To Get Woman Back From Her Husband 

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Chennai: This is a love story which is as bizarre as it can get. A man paid Rs 25,000 as the first installment towards a total of Rs1 lakh that his lover's husband spent on her education and other living expenses to get her back.

Two love birds are torn apart by the girl’s family, but their love remains undying and steadfast. The woman from Manapparai in Tiruchi district was married off to her maternal uncle against her will as she was in love with a man right from the time that they were in college together. Marriage to her uncle did very little to keep them apart, it appears, because Devi eloped with her lover twice but her parents brought her back to her husband on both occasions.

When she went to her lover for the third time last week, members of her family as also the police, wanted to put an end to her travails. As she had made it clear that she could not remain married to her uncle, the police communicated as much to her husband. He agreed to let go of her on the condition that he gets back the amount of Rs1 lakh he had spent on Devi's post-graduation. The police in turn, asked the man she was in love with, to pay the money to the woman's husband so that he could take her with him.

Agreeing to comply with this bizarre demand, the man paid Rs 25,000 as the first installment on Sunday and walked away with his lady love.

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