Man Abducts, Confines, Tortures Ex-Lover For 5 Days

Man Abducts, Confines, Tortures Ex-Lover For 5 Days - Sakshi Post

Techie Manages to Message to Friend

Rescued by SHE Team

Hyderabad: A techie who was sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend at his flat in Tolichowki for five days was rescued by SHE teams in Hyderabad.

Syed Imad Hasan (30) who hailed from Aligarh and the survivor, a native of Karnataka knew each other at Dell where they used to work. They fell in love and decided to get married. However, the woman refused to marry stating that her parents wouldn't accept as they were from different religions.

Since then Hasan had been pestering her to marry him by converting to his religion. In September, the woman left for Dubai to work there. Hasan threatened her at various instances that he would expose videos and photos of her in compromising positions with him. Finally, she decided to meet him in Hyderabad during her visit for visa interview.

Kavita, SHE teams deputy superintendent of police said, "Hasan used to force the victim to video-chat with him every day. If she failed to do so, he used to blackmail her saying that he will meet her father directly and explain about their relationship. The culprit picked up the victim at the RGI Airport last week and took her to his flat and confined her there. He threatened to kill her by showing a knife, a can of petrol and a rope."

He later switched off her phone and forced her to log in to social networking sites like Facebook and Gmail accounts. Then Hasan sexually assaulted and forced her to convert to Islam to marry him. He even threatened her using a picture of pistol on his phone.

To save herself from her tormentor, she pretended to be nice to him and later messaged a friend at Dell-Hyderabad on Facebook and sent the location to her. On Sunday evening, when Hasan was out of the house, the friend came to meet her.

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