Mahesh Babu Cautious After Spyder Debacle

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Superstar Mahesh Babu is all set to work on his 25th film, which will mark a big milestone in the actor's career. Perhaps why he is taking extra precautions so the movie turns out to be a blockbuster hit like others.

Reports from the filmnagar circles suggest that Mahesh is disappointed with the way Spyder did at the box office, particularly because his fans were getting big on the film given that Spyder was Mahesh's Tamil Debut. All said and done, the film failed to set the cash registers ringing at the box office. Although the film was very different from what the actor had done early, sadly it did not receive the kind of anticipated reception. So we hear that Mahesh is going all out and being extra cautious about his next movie.

Apparently, the director of the movie suggested a catchy title showing glorifying Mahesh. But Mahesh is believed to have rejected the title and asked the director pick something subtle.

Let's hope Mahesh's 25th film turns out to be his career best. Watch this space for updates on the film.

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