MAAmma mia, the game’s not over yet!

MAAmma mia, the game’s not over yet! - Sakshi Post

Actor Rajendra Prasad has won a landslide.

All the four members of his panel have won with staggering margins. But, will it be an easy ride for Rajendra Prasad? Will he be able to have his way?

Unlikely say Tollywood watchers. Though he managed to win with a big majority, Rajendra Prasad will sit on a throne full of thorns. In the run-up to the elections, he could not cobble up a panel. Some of his panel members withdrew before the actual poll.

But, a majority of the members of the executive body are still Muralimohan’s supporters. Many of them have won without a contest. In fact, they form a majority in the executive. Also, major film families and big artistes will have to be roped in and this is not an easy task.

Will Rajendra Prasad be able to bring around a sulking Muralimohan, whose influence extends much beyond MAA? Vice presidents, several members of the executive committee are Muralimohan’s supporters. Will they allow Rajendra Prasad to function normally?

So expect more drama, more histrionics and many more theatrics in MAA! 

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