MAA Seeks Ban On Slanderous YouTube Channels 

Anchor-actress Rashmi, Archana are among the latest victims of irresponsible YouTube news channels - Sakshi Post

Most of the displayed headlines are totally opposite to what they show in the video

Hyderabad: The Movie Artistes Association (MAA) on Monday demanded a ban on slanderous YouTube channels which are propagating fake news on film industry celebrities and causing a lot of pain and distress to the victims and their families.

Speaking at the silver jubilee celebrations of MAA here, senior actor and MP Murali Mohan vociferously demanded a government control on the slanderous news channels which are spreading offensive news against actresses only to get hits to their videos. Taking some special references to the slanderous videos against actresses, Murali Mohan said the association will approach the state and central governments to enact laws to curb the menace and also to take action against the people running those channels.

Writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, MAA president Shivajiraja, Suman and several others echoed the opinion and stressed the need for regulating online new channels.

Tollywood is seriously worried about YouTube and other social media news channels which are going all out to get hits. Most of the displayed headlines are totally opposite to what they show in the video - for example, a display headline on the thumbnail reads: Archana gives hers to a star hero for helping her with a movie role, leaving enough scope for the viewers to understand (or misunderstand) several murky angles. However, when you actualy watch the video, it is made of some file photoes of the actress who became very popular after her participation in Bigg Boss.

All the headlines teasing the audience with such sexual content are misleading, but are leaving Tollywood actresses in utter distress, the industry seniors lamented.

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