Lure of lottery money lands SBI manager in jail

Lure of lottery money lands SBI manager in jail - Sakshi Post

Have you ever received a notification that you have won a million dollars lottery even without trying? Does the mail ask for your address?

If you ever get such tempting mails, just delete them right away. One such message landed in the mail box of Vizianagaram SBI bank manager Balakrishna. The message stated that Balakrishna had won a lottery amount of Rs 2 crores. Instead of deleting the message, he believed that he was soon going to rich indeed.

Not surprisingly, the message footer said that the lottery winner must pay some amount towards courier charges.

Lured by the greed of money, it is learnt that Balakrishna mobilised that amount by creating fake loan applications in his bank.

When his fault came to light, police took him into their custody.The case is being investigated.

- Sakshipost

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