Luck Runs Out For Well-to-do Thief 

Rajesh Kapoor stole as a habit and also served jail term. - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: The long arm of the law caught up with a well-to-do thief who stole cash, credit cards and wallets from airports as a habit.

35-year-old Delhi resident, Rajesh Kapoor, had it all in life - father was a businessman in Korea, mother was a hotelier in Delhi and he was into import business. However, during his trips he discovered that many travellers were casual about their wallets and cards and it was easy to steal at the airports. He got itchy and began stealing at the airports and sometimes at railway stations. The act soon became a habit and he used the stolen cards and cash to buy expensive clothes and perfumes from duty free shops at the airports.

Interestingly, his mother and wife knew about his habit and tried to confine him to the house but of no avail. He would get back to his habit as soon he was 'released' from home imprisonment. His luck ran out on September 30 when he stole $1,400 from a Chinese traveller at the Delhi airport. The victim lodged a complaint with the airport security who reviewed the CCTV footage as part of the investigations. They found Rajesh moving in a suspicious manner at the spot mentioned by the Chinese traveller. The security officials soon discovered that Rajesh had taken a flight to Mumbai. They promptly alerted the Mumbai airport officials who arrested Rajesh after he landed there. They reported that he was arrested in several cases of theft earlier too and had served jail term.

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