Lovers’ Betrayal and Family Woes Drive Two Sisters to Suicide

Kamesh and Nagarjuna in police custody - Sakshi Post

Neredmet: Two sisters who saw themselves engulfed by tragic and bitter experiences in life decided to end their lives together in a suicide pact. They jumped into the Ramakrishnapuram lake near Neredment earlier this month and gave up their lives, leaving only a sordid suicide note that revealed their agony.

Mounika, 20 lived with her family in Moulali and enrolled as a third year B.Tech student at Aurora Engineering College in Ghatkesar, was in love with Nagarjuna, alias Nani, a resident of Rohini Colony in Vayupuri of Secunderabad.

Having completed his engineering, Nani was employed with Amazon in Shamshabad. His love for Mounika however was not strong enough to overcome the ‘barriers’ of caste and dowry; so he turned Mounika away and got himself engaged to another girl and was to get married to her on August 4.

Meanwhile Balakameshwar Rao,24, alias Kamesh, a photographer by trade was introduced to Mounika by Nani. This friendship soon blossomed into love and Kamesh proposed marriage to Mounika.

Caught in a relationship on the rebound, Mounika agreed to the proposal but found that she could still not get over Nani and kept bringing up his name often with Kamesh.

Angered at this, Kamesh came forward with an arrangement with Nani and made Mounika sign a bond stating that she had no relationship with Nani anymore and that she would not trouble Nani henceforth. He then began to blackmail Mounika with the signed bond.

Vexed at her predicament of being blackmailed by an opportunistic Kamesh and her true love giving her up for another, Mounika decided to end her life.

Meanwhile Mounika’s cousin Soumya Rajeshwari, 16, who was unwell, came to live with Mounika about 20 days ago. Soumya, who had lost her parents a couple of years ago, was placed in a hostel in Hyderabad by her paternal uncle. She complained that her maternal uncles Subramaniam and Nageshwara Sharma along with her aunt Sridevi were making her life miserable.

Both the sisters who were now staying together shared their emotional burden with each other and decided that suicide was their only way out. On August 4, they reached the Ramakrishnapuram lake near Neredmet in Secunderabad and killed themselves by drowning.

The police have found a suicide note at the scene of the crime. Based on the allegations in the letter they arrested Kamesh on Tuesday, while Nani is said to have surrendered himself at the police station. Both of them have been moved to police remand on Wednesday.

Inspector Jagadish Chander stated that they will soon take Soumya’s uncles and aunt into custody.

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