Mother’s Day Special: Treat Your Mother Like A ‘Queen’  

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HYDERABAD: As the quote says, 'Since God couldn't be everywhere, he created mothers'. She is one of the most beautiful persons in this world who works round the clock, sacrificing everything for the well-being of her family and children. She never expects anything in return and words definitely fall short to praise her. Today (May 10), India is celebrating, 'Mother's Day' and it is generally observed on the second Sunday in the month of May.

So, my dear readers, did you plan anything for your dear mom? Due to COVID-19 induced lockdown we all are stuck to our condos, right! So, it might be difficult to plan either for lunch or to buy a gift for her. But no worries! It's time to take your creativity out and plan something special. We are here to tell you a few ideas.

Turn Out As A Chef:

If you know cooking, then it's fine, you can plan some special meal for your mom. If you are a beginner, fret not! Just browse online and cook something special and new. Follow the tips given by the YouTuber and you are done. After serving the meal, see how happy your mother will be for you.

DIY A Photo Frame:

Due to coronavirus stimulated lockdown, we all are staying at home and we have ample of time. So, make a DIY photo frame with all the photos. Make it colourful by adding some ribbons, fabric, etc.

Treat Her Like A Queen:

Today, is the most special day, so, treat mommy dearest as a queen. We are in the third phase of lockdown, she is staying busy doing all the household chores for the entire family. So, give her rest today and take charge of the home, kitchen, and everything. Pamper her and treat her like a queen.

Bake A Cake:

Does any celebration complete without cutting cake? So, what are you waiting for? Bake a cake and it is not a very difficult task to bake a cake. If you don't know how to prepare a cake, then try some mug cakes or cupcakes for her.

Plan A Video:

There are numerous apps available online. Why don't you pick one and plan some special videos for her? Create a wonderful video depicting how much you love her. Record a short video and send it to your mom's mobile and see how excited she would feel.

Gift Some Home Made Beauty Products:

If your mother loves some beauty products, so don’t worry that you are not able to gift her by purchasing it either from a store or booking it online. Take some ingredients available at home and prepare some homemade beauty products.

Plan A Movie At Home:

If the world is normal, then planning for a movie during special occasions is a go-to choice for most of the people. But, now, the situation is completely different. So, plan a movie at home and enjoy watching the film with all the family members together.

So, follow our aforesaid quarantine special mother's day gifting ideas and make your mothers happy. If you are working, don’t have enough time, just hug her and wish her. Sit beside her after your work and talk to her for a couple of minutes. That’s it! She feels immensely happy.

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