Ways To Keep Yourself Mentally Healthy Through The Lockdown

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Schools, malls, public places and theatres have been shut.  Roads, playgrounds and parks wear a deserted look. Living in a situation of this sort, will surely have a psychological impact on you as it is considered sudden and is completely unnatural and uncommon to your brain. Dealing with such a change can be uncomfortable, stressful and scary for some!

So, here are a few best practices that you imbibe to make coping with the changes in your life, a little easier until the spread of the pandemic slows down.

Before getting into the ways, first let's understand why it's hard to deal with this sudden change in lifestyle.

Firstly, social-understanding is very unnatural for many! Especially in times of uncertainity and danger, like in the present. At such times we as people, prefer to flock together. We naturally feel better when we can talk to people, friends or a family member. Hugging someone in such times can have a calming and a soothing effect on you. But now, we are told to avoid such gestures. This sudden change in behaviour can be completely disturbing!

Secondly, people enjoy returning to their routine after a certain period of time. Vacations, breaks and holidays are quite common and important for our peace of mind too. But the undetermined length of the lockdown and staying at home for too long is sure to disturb our minds.

Here's what you can do to overcome this sort of disturbance and cope with the lifestyle changes that are being thrown at us:

1. Develop a new routine or habit as early as possible. It may not be easy for a sudden change but practicing the new structure will surely help you move ahead.  Get up at a particular time every day, establish a meal schedule, Allow for exercise or play time. Decide on a fixed work time and space. Schedule time to connect virtually with friends and family.

2. Write, draw or creatively express your experiences. This period is uncertain and historic. Someday, this will be the story you and your kids will tell their kids or grandkids—the Great Pandemic of 2020!  We love movies, stories, paintings, photographs and other works of art from the history we learn. Its time we make history in these forms for our future generations.

3. Accept reality! Acknowledge losses! Being realistic and positive will help you move forward while leaving behind the stress and depression attached to it.

4. Innovate and create new options and opportunities while at home. There are books you’ve always wanted to read, but never had the time. There are skills or hobbies you hoped to pursue, but kept putting them off due to your busy schedule. There were games you promised to play with your kids, but struggled to find time. Now, you have time. An ample amount of it! Now is the time we start giving our hobiesand interests a scheduled timeslot in the day. You can now play board games, teach your kids to cook, practice a musical instrument and the list goes endless.

5. Focus on what you have over what you don’t. Always thank god for all you have been provided for, and what is being provided to you. If you keep thinking about what you don't have you will surely end up irritated or in a spat of depression. So, don't let such things effect your mental health in any way.

If you are experiencing some sadness, some gloomy thoughts, a general feeling of uneasiness, remember you are not alone! There are many others out there with similar problems. Stay positive! These are uncertain times. Hope and pray that they should fade away soon!

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