‘It Has Understood Us Better Than We Have Understood It’, Fight Corona With Common Sense

Always remember your health is in your hands! - Sakshi Post

With the growing numbers of COVID-19 across the globe, it is creating more and more panic among the citizens. But why panic? Always remember your health is in your hands. Fix one meaningful observation point about the deadly coronavirus, which is, 'The virus has understood humans better than humans have understood it. It knows where and how to attack'!

We are fighting against an 'invisible enemy'! Taking precautionary steps and being positive will cost you nothing. Here are three basic pieces of information which will act like an 'armour' for everyone to battle with virus.

Firstly, it has to be accepted by every citizen that this virus might spread on a high pace in the coming days especially in large countries like India which has a global exposure.

Secondly, people should have a clear cut difference between flu and Coronavirus.WHO has declared that COVID-19 is a mutated flu. Therefore, if the symptoms of flu, cold and cough, lasts for longer period without fading away, immediately go for testing.

Thirdly, it is known that the virus hibernates on 'surface' of lifts, counters and playgrounds or catches on through droplets from an infected individual. This awareness will help you to stay away from the attack of virus.

'Self-Isolate' or 'Social Distancing' - Mantra to tackle Corona!

The picture of spreading and increasing numbers of COVID-19 is very clear and visible to everyone. Despite this, it is quite shocking that even educated people are not mentally accepting the importance of keeping away from large parties and interactive events at least for the time being. People should understand the importance of 'social distancing' before it's too late. 'Self-Security' is all you should think about now!

Mobile and social media will help everybody remain physically aloof without developing the feel of 'isolationism'. Choosing the option of work from home might change your workplace routine and create a little bit of a stress, but this is the best option in the present scenario.

Also, check out few basic preventive steps here!

  •   Talk from a friendly distance, avoiding a handshake or a hug.The CoroNamasthe is the best option which even foreigners are adopting
  • Cleaning up hands before lifting a baby or settling down to a meal. In fact, keep washing your hands for every 30 or 40 minutes.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching on face area, nose, eyes and mouth.
  • Sanitise your hands for every few minutes
  • Wear a mask whenever you step out of your home.
  • Maintain dietary discipline and keep a check on your immune system.
  • Avoid huge gatherings, crowded places and public transport till the issue has come down.
  • Avoid street food, congested markets, and unclean areas.

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At last, all, which we must do is, bringing a change in our personal lifestyle! Stay healthy, safe and positive.

Let's fight together to tackle this issue with our common sense...

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