5th International Kite Fest To Begin From Today In Hyderabad

5th International Kite Fest To Begin From Today In Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Kite flying is one of the sports that is practised on Makar Sankranti. Hence this festival is also known as Kite Festival. Kite flying is a means of fun and entertainment and it also reflects our culture and traditions that has been carried forward since generations.

Hyderabad is all set to host the Kites Festival 2020, with enthusiastic participation from scores of national and international flying clubs. The fifth edition of International Kite and Sweet fest will begin from today at Parade Grounds, Secunderabad. The kite fest will continue for three days i.e., from January 12th to January 15th.
This fest is being organised by Telangana Tourism since 2016 and its success since 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 has brought a new identity to the tradition of Kite flying.

According to reports, this year over 40 international kite-flyers from 15 countries and 60 kite-flyers from across India are expected to participate. Alongside, a sweet fest will also be held.

The management team of the kite fest made it very clear that the festival will be completely eco-friendly with no use of plastic or manjas (traditional threads).

The festival celebrations will reflect a rich tapestry of culture, kites and craft that Hyderabad is known for. Bringing together international teams of professional kite-flyers, along with thousands of kite-enthusiasts from around the city, the festival aims to educate and entertain through a series of kite-making workshops, kite-flying lessons, and kite-fighting competitions.

Apart from it, food fair, arts and crafts mela will also be held for three days. The most surprising element of Kites Festival 2020 is the night-time kite flying. Everyone is invited to the fest which is free of cost.

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