New Year Party! 6 Safety Tips You Must Check Before Hiring A Cab Service

If you plan to hire a cab service like Ola, Uber or others to reach home after partying, remember these 6 important safety tips - Sakshi Post

With just a couple of days left as 2019 is coming to an end, people around the world are preparing themselves for the New Year's eve. It is high time for people to plan their New Year's party. While some of them are packing bags and jetting off to set fire in other courtiers' on New Year's Eve. Other people who are staying back in their respective cities are looking for some places to tap foot, drink and kick start the New Year.

While all the focus is mainly on food, drinks, music, dance and who to invite, very little is thought is given about how to reach the party venue or how to get back home after partying. It is obvious for some of us to drink on the eve of New Year and there is nothing wrong in it. However, driving your own car after having a couple of drinks is not recommended. Instead try to take cab services like Ola, Uber or any other cab service to get back home safely from a party.

Now taking a cab at night also raises questions about safety especially for women. So, if you plan to hire a cab service like Ola, Uber or others to reach home after partying, remember these 6 important safety tips.

1. As soon as your booking is done and cab reaches your pick up point, first thing you must do is verify the car model and number plate before boarding.

2. To ensure your safety, tally the driver’s photo shown on the Uber or Ola app with the person who is driving the cab, to confirm that the driver has registered with the respective cab company.

3. Before starting the ride,check whether the child-lock is deactivated. Child-lock prevents opening door from inside. In case if your driver starts misbehaving you will not be able to open the door from inside if child lock is activated.

4. Ensure that you click a picture of the driver or number plate or just share the details directly from your app with your family and friends to be on safe side. You can also share live location.

5. Always keep your mobile's voice recorder turned on during your trip especially during the late night cab trip. The audio recordings could be used as evidence later if necessary.

6. Don't allow your driver to deviate from the actual route if you face heavy traffic. Always choose crowded and main routes and avoid taking short cuts.

Apart from these, ensure your mobile is not on low charge and you don't doze off on your way back home. Call a friend or family member and talk to them on the way. These few safety tips could help you reach home safe and sound and start the New Year on a secure note !

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