Vaz’s Kitchen: Bringing Ancestral Portuguese Christmas Cakes To Hyderabad

Bringing Ancestral Portuguese Christmas Cakes To Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD : The smells of delicacies during this winter that keeps not only your instincts warm, but also heats the flame of warmth within your souls.

That's Christmas season.... with festivities, everywhere, cookies, cakes, music, dances carols and jungles all along.

Amidst all this comes in the aromatic smells and flavours from the VAZ's kitchen, run by Caroline Vaz with the help from her biggest support system and ever loving husband, Anthony Peter Vaz. Their cakes are born of a legacy of the old Portuguese grandmom's recipe, where the cake baking is a spiritual ritual done with the utmost fervor of a spiritual journey.

The fruits are soaked in specially made concoction and herbs, which is then left for three years before it being used and baked. The cake then baked and is left to mature. These cakes can stay for years if stored appropriately.

Each piece of cake is a masterpiece if its own kind. Each piece of bite into the cake only talks of the love and passion. It was created with the intention to sustain itself throughout the season.

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