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Christmas, A festival that is celebrated across the globe every year on 25 December. A festival that celebrates the life, sacrifices and teaching of Jesus Christ. Christmas is the season of lights and colours, of giving and receiving and of cakes and carols. We in India do it all but with a desi twist!  From Kerala to Assam, from the Northeast to Bombay, the whole country gets together in festive spirit celebrating in their own way. Basically, Christmas celebrations in India is a huge affair.

Wondering where to go during Christmas? Instead of celebrating the season at your place like every year, take yourself and your loved ones to some best places in India where you can experience the eve with rituals and traditions. These places will give you perfect vibe to celebrate the eve. Let’s check out some of the best places to visit in India during Christmas to make your festive season merrier than ever!

1. Goa

Christmas In Goa

Known for its best beaches and amazing nightlife, Goa is the best place to celebrate Christmas in India. Paradise for party lovers, Goa shines during the Christmas eve. The city is adorned with vibrant lights and poinsettia flowers. People sing carols late into the night, making the place perfect to celebrate the season. The way people celebrate Christmas here, attracts not only tourists from across India but also from different parts of the world. We bet you won’t regret celebrating Christmas in Goa! You’ll never run out of options for fun and festivities in Goa during Christmas, which is why it is among the best places to visit in India during Christmas!

2. Shillong

Christmas In Shillong

Being in the North-East of India and capital of Meghalaya, Shillong provides the best weather to get into the flow of festive season. With a considerable population of Catholics, this place celebrates Christmas with much zeal and enthusiasm. People of Shillong celebrate the birth of jesus with some pomp and glory which makes it a picturesque place to celebrate Christmas. The streets, the churches and the homes are decorated with beautiful lights and one can easily feel the excitement in the air.

3. Pondicherry

Christmas In Pondicherry

Known as the 'Little France' of India, Pondicherry is gifted with some amazing architecture, beautiful beaches and delightful French cuisine.  Having a French lineage there are a lots of Christians here who celebrate Christmas with great zeal. The churches, especially the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Sacred Heart of Jesus are stunningly decorated and they are some of most beautifully decorated churches during Christmas celebration in India. The churches offer midnight mass which sees the whole town gather which will provide you to experience the festivities at their best.

4. Kerala

Christmas In Kerala

With number of churches across the state, this place is one of the best place to visit during the time of Christmas season. People decorate their houses, the churches and the street with lightings and other materials. Apart from enjoying the Christmas vibe, Kerala has so much to do if you are on a holiday mood. Besides being part of the festivities one can do so much from visiting the backwaters of Kerala to its lovely beaches, from shopping for spices to exploring the Western Ghats.

5. Bengaluru

Christmas In Bengaluru

Bangalore has a rich cultural past and an alluring Christian legacy. It has number of churches which are mainly built by Europeans. The prominent ones you should visit during Christmas are St Patrick’s Church on Brigade Road and The All Saints Church on Hosur. If your Christmas celebrations are all about tempting cuisines, desserts and plum cakes then Bengaluru should be the first place on your mind during Christmas.  Christmas celebration in Bangalore is a charming experience and an eventful affair.

So, visit any of the above Christmassy place and have a glittery and a Merry Christmas!

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