Ways To Healthy Relationship With Your Better Half 

Ways To Healthy Relationship With Your Better half - Sakshi Post

It is actually very easy to be in a relationship and really hard to maintain a healthy relationship. Chains are not going to hold your relationship. There are many threads that sew people together in order to keep them attached for a lifetime. But a relationship will only be stronger when these threads will also be stronger. Remember that healthy relationships don’t just happen magically; you need to constantly work for it with all your mind, heart, and soul.

Sometimes only love is not just enough to keep a relationship healthy. Saying I LOVE YOU is alo not enough too. Today we can see that even if they are in unhappy relationship, still they chose to be in that relationship because feelings is what matter to them.

So now if you are in relationship and wondering what it actually takes to maintain healthy relationship. Here are some ways to solve your problem!

1. Show daily affection

It is obvious in any relationship that love has to be renewed everyday. Just being in love is not enough, you need to show it everyday. Relationship satisfaction lies in physical affections like holding hands, hugging or kissing which also helps in releasing stress and improving mood.

2. Appreciate Each Other

Always appreciating and giving compliments is one of the keys to a healthy relationship.try to compliment your boyfriend by simply telling him “you look great today”, or “thank you for being there for me” which might change their mood.

3. Be Playful And Fun Together

Having fun together helps you to deepen your connection and communication. If there is a beautiful rapport between loved ones then relationships continue to grow.

4. Be Honest

If you want to have a good, healthy relationship both of you needs to trust each other enough to open up and be honest. Always be honest about the things which bother you orc scare you. Try to avoid messing up issues.

5. Accept Eachother's Flaws

To experience a closer and perfect bond with him or her try to accept their imperfections. Acceptance helps you to build a healthy and happy relationship.

6. Give Space To Avoid Feeling Caged

In a relationship, you may want closeness, but you also want space. The key is to find that sweet spot which you feel the warmth that comes from being committed, while at the same time allowing each other to have space so that no one feels like they’re being caged.

7. Stay hopeful and faithful

Hope will help you see a light in the future no matter how difficult the things are in your relationship. Faith will help both of you strengthen that hope. Strong hope and faith are really important to grow a healthy relationship.

8. Respect Eachother

Respect means that, while you may not always agree with your partner’s decision, you choose to trust them and put faith in their judgement. Respect is also about the freedom to be yourself and to be loved for who you are. Listening, valuing, speaking kindly, are just some of the respectful acts you should do to have a healthy relationship.

Hence you should start sewing these threads to hold each other firmly and maintain a solid and healthy relationship

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