In all honesty, there is no definite formula for success or improvement. All the large volumes of books, courses and motivational courses can get you only so far.

But against all odds, a few people have made it and are successful. But what about you? who has the same supplies and opportunities, are not able to make it.

What is it that these men and women do differently that lets them stay on the other side of the highway in their expensive cars? Is there a true secret or is it something in plain sight that we are missing out on?

After talking to and interacting with a bunch of entrepreneurs and successful people, I have concluded that there are 5 ways that are the most successful people commonly do

They do not focus on developing habits but focus on developing Micro-Habits

Habits are very crucial and centric that define not just your overall development but your life as a whole. But the funniest thing about habits is that we don’t always develop good habits.

Sure, you are motivated enough in the morning to wake up and go to the gym. You might do that for 2 or even 3 days but then give up.

You did not quit because you are demotivated but because you expected too much of yourselves. It is natural for us to expect more of ourselves and end up not performing at all.

The key to developing good habits is by starting small and keeping your expectations to the bare minimum. Lower your expectations and start by simply waking up early or going for a small walk. Something that is so easy that you simply cannot miss.

Successful People Are Defined By Their Simple Habits

They consume books, not just read

Reading books is the best way to be successful. But if that were true, my cousin who grew up with me reading John Grisham doesn’t need to be a retail sales manager at 40 years of age.

Books are, still and by fact, the single most powerful tools for success & improvement. But reading alone is not sufficient. Great men read books, not for the sake of improvement but because they are curious about the books.

Be it via audio, text summaries or videos, to them, reading a book is an experience that they like to have more and more.

You too can do this if you have the right book with you. They could be about development, fun or anything; Seek out to consume, not just read.

Successful People do not just read books. They consume it

They define fun for themselves; not for the sake of it

Fun does not just mean booze or to go out for a trip to the ocean just to complain about the sticky sand & trashy beach. Fun is doing something that makes YOU happy.

If you hate it, then please don’t do it. It is ok to have fun on your own accords and in fact, it is an encouraging way for improvement.

Also, sometimes, the general definition of fun might not apply to what YOU view as fun. I spend my weekends watching a course or reading up and that is still fun.

Successful people are not someone who does not take a vacation, they work in fields that give them the most fun.

Successful People Do Not Do Fun For Other’s Approval but For Themselves

They don’t shy out from asking help when needed

You might be the mightiest warrior among your team but with a dogmatic approach, you can never improve and lest, succeed.

Ego is one of the major issues that are common among people trying to improve themselves. Developing the habit of asking for help and it will benefit you in the longer run.

Scientifically, the more help you ask from others, the more the other persons start liking you. Great men have understood the simplicity and incredible power that lies in the idea of asking for help. You can ask people for help not just in improving yourselves but also in developing a deeper connection with them.

Successful people accept the fact that they cannot do everything on their own and seek out help with humility

Not a cliche´ but health before wealth

I cannot stress this enough but Health is always more important than wealth. In fact, your health and your healthy lifestyle will direct you to greater wealth and no, I’m not talking about metaphorical wealth. Real wealth. Money and gold.

Take a page out of any successful person’s book and you would find that all of them have one thing in common. They have their own unique health routine; be it food or exercise.

I’ve met people who made it big but lost it all or are just not happy about their life. While a few of them have health ailments but a few others simply do not know what is wrong.

Working out and eating healthy will help you have a constant supply of endorphins which will keep your spirits high all day and thus improve your overall lifestyle.

Successful people prioritize health and channel it to make more wealth

Is that it?:

The other day when I was speaking with the founder of HomeZene, he was stressing on how Successful people don’t do different things but do things differently which led me to write and share this article with you.

From what I gathered from him, success most certainly is more habit and process-oriented than blunt hard work. What would you define improvement and success by? Let me know in the comments below.