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New Delhi: Festivals are the time when we strengthen new relationships and celebrate the old ones with the joy of gifting. But gifting can get overwhelming - starting from what to give, how to give, where to its buy from and will they like it or not. But people say it is not the gift, but the thought that counts. Rahul Jain, co-founder and business head of eCraftIndia, suggests some thoughtful options gifting without having to think a lot.

To start with, Ganesha is not only the most auspicious but also one of the most graceful deities. It is believed that a Ganesha idol if gifted by someone, works as a token of good luck. Ganesha idols, wall hangings and frames representing him in various traditional and contemporary styles -- singing, traveling, playing flute or dhol and even riding a bike are a rage as a home decor gift.

A Buddha statue, on the other hand, is a symbol of Lord Buddha's teachings, which keeps negative energies away from home.

Gifting elegant kitchenware and cutlery can be a good choice to let your loved ones win over their guests. German silver glasses, colourful tea-sets are an affordable and trendy option. Copper pots, jars, and glasses are also a great gift with their own health benefits, especially while drinking water.

Lamps and lightings define festivity and will always be useful for decorating homes. Antiques like wall clocks, gramophones, metal frames symbolising the Sun, a chariot, nature, etc. add to the charm of any living room and are gifts cherished by all. A water fountain represents a flow of money, happiness and positive vibes.

Gifting a desktop water fountain is like wishing for one's prosperity and progress. These fountains also look refreshing and add a happy feel to offices, homes and workplace.

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