Battling Hair Woes In Changing Seasons

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Almost all of us have tough time dealing with falling, rough, frizzy and dry hair follicles, especially during changing seasons. This has always been a concern for most of us and it’s time to shun this problem by changing and practising a proper hair care routine.

The External Environmental Conditions also contribute in affecting the hair condition. Pollution, dust particles and changing weather lead to a change in the humidity levels which even affects hair health.

These tips have been given by Dr Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr A’s Clinic for our hair to be healthy this season. Thus, one must adapt these tips in our daily routines:

-Give Up on the Use of Heating Tools:

The sun is already pouring in too much heat on your hair thus, avoid all heat-generating products like blow dryers, straighteners, curling rods etc. The heating tools, dry out hair and make them frizzy, so avoid them. Try embracing your natural hair and air dry your hair.

-Hair Oil is an Essential:

Regular oiling is a must and this shall also ensure that your hair is healthy and voluminous. Oiling helps to restore all the essential oils required for the nourishment of healthy scalp and hair. Try and go for coconut or olive oil for your scalp.

-Hydrate yourself:

Drink ample amounts of fluids like water, smoothies, fresh juices, shakes, lemonade and coconut water. These drinks will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day. These will cool the body temperature and makes you feel refreshed.

-Cover your Hair Properly:

It is very essential to cover our Hair up with a scarf or a hat before heading out. It prevents direct exposure from sun rays thus reinstating the moisture content in hair. Also, a scarf shall prevent your hair from getting tangled.

-Deep Conditioning is a Must:

Prolonged exposure to the sun often makes our hair rough, dry and brittle. Thus, deep conditioning is important for revitalizing your hair so that the hair and scalp feel nourished. It also restores the moisture content which is often lost in the summer heat.

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