Is One Night Stand A Good Idea?

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One hears of one night stands gaining widespread popularity in urban and semi urban India. With people especially those from the middle class now more inclined to experiment with their sex lives, one night stands are becoming a common phenomenon. The question is what happens the morning after and thereon?

By their very nature, one night stands are fleeting sexual encounters and are not bound by a sense of commitment. However, they could sometimes lead to a more serious relationship. On the other hand, while one may tend to cling to the memory of the transitory sexual and emotional experience, the other might have moved on. This leads one person in this equation emotionally scarred. The flip side of one night stands is the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. The underlying lack of commitment could lead the more vulnerable emotional partner into a state of depression. It can also be a state tinged with guilt, especially in the case of a married person.

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