Ever since 2001, hustlers in Mumbai have picked up a Jumboking on the go, to satisfy their hunger pangs. Be it for the special variety of burgers, that include the unique Schezwan sauce, or for the different patties such as corn & spinach, crunchy vegetables, salted fries, thick shakes or sundaes, Jumboking has always catered to the Mumbaikar’s spice of life.

If you’re a burger person, we have some news for you. Jumboking has been doing something interesting with the launch of some lip-smacking and affordable burgers through the exciting ‘JK of the Day’ offers; where each burger is at a special price on a given day.

Here are 5 must-try JK’s that we absolutely love:

The Crispy Veg Jumboking (INR 45 on a Tuesday): If you’re looking for a crispy, warm snack this monsoon, indulge in the crispy veg Jumboking that is grilled to perfection. It is stuffed with the nutritional benefits of veggies and the deliciousness of the potato patty.

The Schezwan Jumboking (INR 45 on a Wednesday): The perfect spicy Chinese fix for the rains! Jumboking’s Schezwan Burger. The spicy Schezwan sauce and the hot crispy potato patty blends perfectly well elevating all of your senses.

The Nachos Jumboking (INR 45 on a Thursday): This is your go-to Indian burger for a quick and affordable Tex-Mex craving! The cheesy, crispy nachos melt in your mouth, keeping you wanting for more from the very first bite.

The Cheese Jumboking (INR 45 on a Friday): Feel the delicious and smooth cheese along with the crunchy potato in every bite of Jumboking’s cheese burger.

The Double-Decker Jumboking (INR 85 on a Saturday): The perfect World Cup viewing companion, given the insatiable ambition of our men in blue. The massive double-decker Jumboking is a mouthful and comes stacked with double crispy patties, jalapeños, shredded lettuce, onions, and mustard sauce. It’s double the fun because life is too short to miss out on the huge things.

So, head to your nearest outlet and grab your favourite JK. Happy munching!

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