The women in our country are now seen to be more career-oriented and are experiencing a decline in the ages of them getting married. With more women being mindful about their liberated and engaged lifestyles, there is a reasonable increase in the time between leaving school and marriage.

The educated and urban people are realizing that women too should be progressive and self-supporting which has eventually lead them to being fully settled in life. This takes them a bit longer and gets them in later 20’s for marriage. The whole process of marriage and finding the suitable match take another few years which mostly comes down to the couple getting settled down to nearly at the age of 30.

We truly understand how imperative it is for the women to be independent but this process compromises the personal married life as the couple might have issues in conceiving.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre Just in case, if you are planning pregnancy in your 30’s then make sure you also do the following:

Make exercise and workout an important and mandatory part of your lifestyle. Allocate atleast 45 minutes of your everyday plan in exercising and keeping yourself and the baby fit. Exercise really upholds and controls the excessive weight you put on during pregnancy while keeps a check on your Body Mass Index (BMI). Workouts also keep the baby healthy. A combination and yoga could work the greatest during pregnancy.

Manage and control your blood sugar levels as drop in their levels also leads to excessive release of adrenaline into the blood. The unification of this hormone into the blood can block progesterone which can hinder the pregnancy. Progesterone really helps in pregnancy.

Start consuming more of fibrous foods that benefit in proper movement of the bowel. Eat more of fruits, vegetables, high protein and dairy products like milk, ghee, cheese and ice creams. Expecting mothers should also eat more of monounsaturated fats.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices like alcohol and tobacco must be given up for both the parents. These adoptions can really have a very severe effect on the health of the baby. In addition to this, give up on fried foods as well and shed away maximum body fat.

Keep a check on your menstruation cycle and also on the days while you ovulate. This would ensure the right day you could conceive and this is how the prospective parents can possibly lessen the time taken to conceive.

Stop consuming contraceptive pills atleast 6 months prior from when you decide to conceive.

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